Greyhound track, part 2, Pori, Finland

Visited 23.12.2011 by jonahi & skkye. Sequel to the last post. Shooting photos inside the building was quite difficult because we didn't have flashlights and there was dark. So I just took photos randomly and hoped that there was something more than an empty wall or floor. The old track outside was all over covered in cow parsleys and other weeds and it was a little spooky but also beautiful. We saw even catkins there, nature must be quite confused because of the warm winter. Nevertheless, very merry christmas for all of you!


Greyhound track, part 1, Pori, Finland

Visited 23.12.2011 by jonahi & skkye. Thanks to the anonymous reader for a hint!

This abandoned geyhound track was easy to find because for some reason it still was marked on the phonebooks map. The weather was rainy and grey today and it intensified loneliness and sadness in the atmosphere.

We found some funny items, like a bra on the ground and a cream cheese from year 1994. Yummy. These old labels telling what food you could buy were a little gloomy, too. Especially the one saying that only food available is a cold meat pie.

More photos in a next post!


Lignin factory's laboratory (part three), Tampere, Finland

First floor:

Second floor:

Cellar floor:


Visited 18.10.2011 by jonahi & skkye. Just adding some pictures of mine which were different from jonahis photos.

I think it's sad and just stupid how somebody had destroyed the whole place. And why? Just for fun? I can't understand those people who search abandoned buildings on purpose to destruct them and mess up everything. They are also those people whose doings cause a bad reputation for urban explorers, too. I get it that if someone has bad feelings it's good for him/her to relieve them but this is a part of history, something that might ever been done in the same way anymore. Sorry for opening up, haha!