Mental hospital (Part 8), Kellokoski, Finland

That text, "Better safe than sorry", written on the white cellar floor wall five times, next to a weird hole that made me claustrophobic from several meters distance. What the fuck? It was so small and somehow so innocent that I really don't believe it was written by the destroyer teens.


Mental hospital (Part 7), Kellokoski, Finland

Empty medicine jars, old sport and advertising stickers, ill-used old clock and Mickey Mouses never-ending smile in broken frames... Even though some places can seem totally ruined at first sight, usually there is always interesting things to discover if one has eagerness to look for them.


Mental hospital (Part 6), Kellokoski, Finland

There was also some medical stuff in the hospital, or actually more signs about them than the objects themselves. But there is one plaster on a cupboard's door, haha. And a guide for injections and catheterization. It was very interesting to read the papers about rehabilitation with work activity. The hospital had at least a garden where the patients could work with soil and plants. That really helps people to create more endorphin.
I wonder what is that brown liquid that's spread on the walls. I hope it wasn't some animal's blood. Maybe it was just paint...