Nursing home (part four), Tampere, Finland

The last part of nursing home photos. All of these are from the underground floors.


Nursing home (part three), Tampere, Finland

Third part of the nursing home photos.

"There was a few saunas, showerrooms and a coffeeroom in the basement. We dreamed about heating sauna, coldness was making our hands numb. There was also coffee, tea and ugly cups in the cupboards. The undermost floor was lit and heated and full of weird things like hempleafpainting and a 'hairdressing saloon'. Windows were decorated with classpaintings. It's a sad thought that they are too going to be demolished. Every time in an abandoned place I feel sympathy towards it. Too often someone could have saved them. On the other hand, if someone would have rescued them, there were less places for us to adventure."


Nursing home (part two), Tampere, Finland

More pictures from the nursing home. And another part from my notes.

"The door was open, so we just walked in. Entrying abandoned places should be always as easy as this time. The nursing home has four floors, or six when two underground floors are included. First two floors were undemolished. Long, white, deserted corridors with uncountable amount of doors to the little rooms were my favourite. And also clocks, all of them had stopped at the same time: 10:25. Most of the belongings had brought away but here and there were lonely outdated wheelchairs, colourful curtains and books. However, there were plenty of furnitures. I could have taken home at least couple of nice coloured chairs and the yellow rocking chair. Walls and windows were covered in icecrystals and there was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g everywhere.

The two upper floors were half-demolished and the walls were wide open with huge holes. Piles of bricks and endlessly dust. We wondered how they had gotten demolitionmachines there, because along narrow corridors that would have been impossible. On the windowsill was lonely candelabrum, it looked so lost in the middle of the demolitionchaos."