Another ruins of the church, Kullamaa, Estonia

Visited by Skkye 8.4.2014. Just a quick peek in an another beauty resting by the side if the road.


A silent Orthodox Church, Märjamaa, Estonia

Visited by Skkye 5.4.2014. My couchsurfing host in Märjamaa introduced this place to me when we were biking around the town. The evening light was perfectly warm and made this place feel safe and peaceful. We climbed in from the window and jumped to the floor which was covered with fallen wooden parts of the roof. We were moving slowly since there was a great possibility to step on a rusty nail. One of my favourites was a huge wooden bug hanging from the roof, in my mind it's the lonely caretaker of the church. Somehow I still felt the sacredness in this place, even though it must have been abandoned for a long time - maybe it was the spirit of hundreds of prayers people had read there long ago.


An old limestone house, Märjamaa municipality, Estonia

Visited 4.4.2014 by Skkye. These old limestone houses in Estonia were pure beauties. This one was bathing in the afternoon sun next to the road when I was biking from Rapla to Varbola to see an old fortress. Huge birds (ospreys) were sailing on the sky making the atmosphere very special at the moment I entered this place. At first I thought it'd be only ruins and collapsed roof - but somehow magically all the rooms were in good condition even though there was almost nothing protecting them against rain and wind.

From the old newspapers I figured out that this place was abandoned around 1980's. There was still an old jar of mushrooms which looked almost edible, a coffee pot on the stove and the best Sunday shoes waiting for a walk to church (at least in my imagination). The curtains were fluttering endlessly in the wind - it was somehow calming to watch. People (or person) who had lived in this place had left good vibes there, I felt really peaceful when wandering around the house. Maybe because there was signs of the connection to the nature in all of the rooms. For example there was nature magazines, flower pots and preserved juices and food everywhere, so they must have been growing and gathering berries, mushrooms and so on themselves. The place also reminded me of Sofi Oksanens book Purge, even though the atmosphere in the book is much gloomier.