Fish product freezing facility (part 5), Pori, Finland

Last photos from this place. Huge, totally empty rooms. And a funny fish clock.

I'm off to Berlin and probably will visit some abandoned places there, if I only get to convince my company to come along. We'll see!


Fish product freezing facility (part 4), Pori, Finland

At the second floor, behind the kitchen, there was a little attic space where someone had lived. This "room" was small and one have to hunch when walking there. It was also cold, moist and dusk. There was a lot of personal stuff, like paintings and crafts, magazines, clothes, medicines and so on. Old books and the news paper article about the first moon walk interested me most of all. I could have spent plenty of time there looking things. It would be so cool to know what kind of person had been living there.


Fish product freezing facility (part 3), Pori, Finland

And more photos from the fish freezer! I found that huge and light attic space somehow very pleasant. But I don't get what was the point in kicking those receipt rolls all over the place. That apartment on the second floor left us thinking why it was there and who has been living in it. There were children's toys and other belongings, so it couldn't only have been a resting room for the workers. The Santa Claus' head with the bathing sponge outside the sauna was maybe the most humoristic thing in the place. Funny combination.