Burned residence, Kaarina, Finland

Visited by jonahi & skkye 6.11.2011.This residential building represented in many ways the american dream: there was more toilets than anyone could possibly need, arches in doorways and uncountable amount of rooms. Half of the building was badly burned down and the another half was covered in graffities and tags. When we were going away, some man with a big dog came and started to shout to us what we were doing on his backyard. He was quite angry and rude. We explained that we were only photographing and showed our cameras but he didn't relent so we left the place. Luckily we had had time to explore the whole building before he came!


Old cemetery, Nokia, Finland

Visited by skkye 22.11.2011. This deprecated cemetery is situated near the mental hospital and the plaque tells that 426 patients of the hospital have been buried there between 1902-1964. The trees in the cemetery area were a bit scary, their branches looked like bony arms reaching to the sky. Apparently there have been somekind of rituals going on because on the way to the cemetery we saw some weird symbol made from branches and stones.


Abandoned amusement park (part two), Berlin, Germany

More photos from the stunning ghost funfair Spreepark. To be honest, I didn't go into the pastel coloured western houses. Why? Because I didn't want to see any old dolls or anything, I think I would have wet my pants in that case..! But here's a video, on which you can hear the horrifying noise of the ferris wheel.