Scrapyard (part 1), Tampere, Finland

Visited 18.11.2012 by skkye & jonahi. This grey scrapyard has been doing business by selling e-waste and other junk, but after the business has stopped, nobody hasn't been interested in cleaning up the place. On the yard there were mountains of abandoned, rusting scrap, anything from oil barrels to old telephones. As a becoming environmental manager I was quite upset and thought about the probably polluted ground and a small, dirty stream behind the scrapyard. Junk was slowly sinking into it's banks, and I didn't even want to know how much waste it had already swallowed. Sometimes people's ignorance about environment is just depressing.

Inside the building, there was a quite nice little room upstairs with blue-painted, graffiti-covered walls. Somebody had been making waste art there and the room was in good order. I liked that, even though it probably hadn't anything to do with the place's original action.


Train depot, Turku, Finland

Visited 16.8.2012 by skkye & jonahi. I have no idea if the railway carriage full of tags was abandoned or not, but at least it clearly hadn't been moving from it's place in a while. However, there was no entrance for us. These photos are from the same place where we visited the empty train car of the previous post.

// Edit 16.12.2012 : Skkye added a few photos.


Railway carriage, Turku, Finland

Visited 16.8.2012 by skkye & jonahi. This railway carriage wasn't literally abandoned, but it stood on the rails alone and looking forgotten. We had to try if we could get in - and the door was open. It was a boiling hot late-summer's day and temperature was equal inside the train car. The silence felt very strange when walking around and sitting in the familiar train carriage, similar to other carriages that have taken us to many destinations. Trains aren't the noisiest places in the world anyway, but usually there are many voices like people's talking, conductors steps on the aisle, someone rustling while eating or reading a newspaper, the clatter of the rails... It's never silent and empty like it was in that lonely carriage.

/ Edit : skkye added more pictures 3.12.