Random unvisited buildings, Central America

Not visited, but photographed by jonahi in summer 2012. The wonderful old church is in Costa Rica (I was very disappointed to notice that the barbed wire fence didn't have any holes!) and the rest are in Honduras and Nicaragua. I found those walls with holes with signs "For Sale" quite funny, but maybe they are actually selling the lots and not the houses, or what's left of them. That huge house in the bushes looked very scary until I noticed that someone was drying their laundry there. Maybe the first floor was inhabited, but I'm sure that the rest wasn't.
These were of course only a minority of abandoned places that I saw, but it's not easy to take photos from a moving bus when your camera is in your backbag, and it may not be too safe to visit abandoned places in these gang violence ridden countries.


Street bar, Granada, Nicaragua

Visited 4.8.2012 by jonahi. Well, not actually visited because of the locked gate and a busy street next to the bar. But I hung out there for a while drinking soda water at the bar desk. It was colourfully tiled and nice, and so were the bar chairs. A bit random, though. The place is also for sale, anybody interested?


Hospital San Juan de Dios (part 2), Granada, Nicaragua

At last the guard with the big gun noticed us so we had to run out of the ruins very quickly because I obviously didn't want to irritate him any more. It was funny to see those shelves on the outside walls, which had someday been inside walls. I liked that random hole wall on top of an old doorway, with the evening sun coming through the holes. And the cute bird graffiti that I didn't notice until I saw the photo again. And all those rocky tables.. what was on them when they were in use?


Hospital San Juan de Dios (part 1), Granada, Nicaragua

Visited 4.8.2012 by jonahi. The main building was so gorgeous that I fell in love with this place immediately. The roofless hospital was constructed between 1886-1905, and after its abandonment, there were plans to convert it into a museum or a medical school, but as you see, nothing has happened. The city of Granada had hired two guards with rifles to the front door to prevent people from wandering inside to the ruins. But the guards have never succeeded to scare me away, so I simply went in from the other side of the huge place. One picture tells that an old grandma was just as rebellious as I, haha.
One day the hospital has had a beautiful inner ward with a mango tree, a place to watch the evening sun colour the main building orange. There was so little left from the original hospital equipment that without the turquoise-tiled walls and many sinks I probably couldn't have quessed what this place was.
More pictures coming later!