Abandoned erotic bar, Pori, Finland

Visited 10.8.2008 (the first time was earlier, though) by jonahi and skkye. I'm really sorry about those two shitty photos, but they're the only ones I have and the building has already been taken down. EDIT: Three last and better pictures are from here. The first time we visited this sex bar built in an old wooden house, the disco lights were still on. There were pints, glasses and all the bar equipment everywhere, only the staff and the dancers were missing. At the time of these photos, the electricity wasn't working anymore. The bar has earlier been a normal bar and a pizzeria, at least.


Sulfate cellulose factory, Tampere, Finland

Visited 26.7.2011 by jonahi & skkye. Lots of pidgeon poop there. Fine views from the top and the ghost railway was also cool.


Industrial poison factory, Tampere, Finland

Visited 24.7.2011 by skkye & jonahi. One could almost smell the poisons in the air! Last three pictures are from a room which clearly had been a place where a band has trained. The dead vines on the windows were magical.