Little cottage in the wood (part 2), Ruovesi, Finland

More pictures from the cottage. Sorry for the crappy quality, I was a little nervous about getting caught and didn't focus enough on taking photos. I think these horseshoes over the front door were quite cute! And those posters with old cars and butterflies and so on, too. It's always fascinating to see what things old residents of an abandoned house have liked so much that they have wanted to decorate their walls with them. I think it tells pretty much about a person. At least it is easier to come up with stories about them when you have seen some of their stuff. Every time I'm in a new abandoned house I imagine what kind of a person has been living there and how he or she has been spending time.


Little cottage in the wood (part one), Ruovesi, Finland

Visited 26.5.2012 by skkye. I spent my weekend camping in the forest and I found this cute cottage on my way to the well. I think someone have been living there last in the seventies, because there was magazines and diblomas from that decade. I found that coverphoto of Hymy -magazine totally scary, girls eyes are so doll-like hrr. Curtains were so brittle that they fell to pieces when I touched them. The old radio was charming and patterned dishes, too. There was so much old stuff that it made me wonder why haven't someone moved them away. I fell in love with the colourful walls and furnitures in the cottage, every room was soooo lovely. After proper cleaning it would be a nice summer place for someone (like me!). There is clean water and firewood in the yard and it is situated near the most beautiful lake and forest. ♥


A few abandoned houses, Berlin, Germany

 These never finished blocks of flats (probably from DDR) I noticed from the car window and have to take a few crappy photos. There were so many of them, standing side by side in melancholy.

 Also taken from car window. I think this was a school. So wanted to go in there!
 I was waiting a bus at the bus stop, and saw this behind a fence.

Funny contrast. How is this even possible?


Children's hospital (part 2), Berlin, Germany

Another post from the "Säuglings- und Kinderkrankenhaus". I think that the German name for hospital, Krankenhaus, really fits this place. I wish I could've stayed there longer. Even though the place was quite ruined, I liked it, its colourful graffitis and luminosity. There was also a bunch of kids playing, running and spraying around and throwing tiles from upstairs. Then their mother came to the yard and shouted them to come home for the dinner or something. In Finland it's not so common to play in the abandoned houses.