Farm in the middle of the forest (Part 2), Pirkanmaa, Finland

After visiting outbuildings we explored the red one of two residential buildings. It was bright and spacious inside. I enjoyed my time wandering around and taking photos. Sometimes abandoned houses are so full of stuff we need to climb and crawl to get from one room to another. It's also kind of fun but I still prefer not-so-crammed places like this. When there is less stuff it's easier to concentrate to details and notice everything.

My favourite "room" in aged, big houses is usually a hallway. There is normally a lot of windows in hallways and it makes the light very beautiful - especially when it lies on dusty, wooden furnitures like the old chest and used-to-be-red chairs in this place. There was only two larges rooms in the whole building. One of them had suffered from the collapsed roof even though there was Jesus protecting it. I was walking on my toes (although I know it really doesn't make any sense) being scared of falling throughout the decayed floor. The floor of another room was covered on snow-like pieces of white paint fallen from the roof. Somehow it reminded me of Narnia tales.


  1. Hei. Oletko kiinnostunut vanhasta sahasta? Sijaitsee satakunnassa, eurajoella :-) jos et itse pääse käymään, ota yhteyttä! Minulla on paljon kuvia ja muuta tietoa ky. Paikasta :-)

    1. Oi, kiinnostaa tottakai ja kuviakin olisi kiva nähdä (: Laitan sulle s-postia piakkoin!

    2. Jee, sinne sitten käymään joskus tässä! :)