Little orange house in the middle of the fields, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Visited 22.8.2013 by skkye. This house lies near by my school and I spotted it while my class was identifying plants outside. After school day I packed my camera and walked towards the house through a field which was almost impenetrable with thistles which were tearing big holes to my tights. Luckily one of the windows was broken and it made it easy to climb in.
   All the rooms were bathing in the afternoon light and it made the house feel attractive and warmhearted. There was one room in the attic, I believe it has belonged to a teenager (boy?) because it was full of posters of famous people and some woodwork, such as self-made little wooden guitar. The ground floor was beautiful with its old furniture, flower curtains and walls crying brown tears. I spent a lot of time reading books from the last centuries about advices to educate people to fear god, downsides of alcohol and some romantic fiction to soldiers. I was feeling welcome and didn't have any hurry to go out. It almost felt that the house was whispering forgotten secrets and memories to my ears. I'd love to live in a house like that.
   Next day I asked my teacher about the house and he told me that there is some heritage disagreement or something like that so house has its owners and we students can't make any plans to repair it (somebody had asked the same questions already). I felt sorry for the beautiful house which probably will be just forgotten and decay within the years. After all, right now it's still standing and capable to tell stories from the past - I hope that people who are ready to listen will find it and have a nice afternoon in the sunlight walking through the history in those cute little rooms.