Beer brewery (Part 6), Satakunta, Finland

The last photos from this Karhupanimo beer brewery in the heart of Pori. Like skkye told earlier, it is already demolished. The factory used to be a big part of local cultural history, but now it had to give space for something new. I am glad we were able to visit the building at last minute before it disappeared forever, to experience the place and its spirit and save pieces of it on our memory cards. Who knows, maybe somebody will eventually even find our photos valuable for some research or article! I am not originally from Pori but still the factory was a central part of the city center and people were proud of the beer made in their town. They are still calling the beer brand like it was still produced in there. I wonder how it will  be in a couple of decades - probably only the people of our age or older will remember that their town also once had a big brewery.


Beer brewery (Part 5), Satakunta, Finland

I found that window blinded with Moomin pictures and with flower curtains especially creepy. Also the devil/goat/clown drawing on the wall of the staircase was pretty interesting. It was exciting to explore the laboratory room and the upper floor where walls and windows had holes from where it was snowing in. The holes also threw beautiful patches of light on the floor.

There will be one more last post about this place, and then we will let you see other explored places too. Sorry for the wait!