The village of Viivikonna, Estonia

Visited by jonahi 16.8.2011. The almost-ghost-village of Viivikonna, near Sillamäe, is full of abandoned houses and industrial buildings. It was once a living oil shale mining town, but nowadays the oil shale is gone and only a couple of people and deserted villas keep on struggling there. I wish we could've been there a little bit earlier, because it was getting dark and very uncomfortable for exploring around.


Block of flats, Ämari, Estonia

Visited 16.8.2011 by jonahi. In Ämari there were many soviet-style abandoned houses, but we visited only this one which seemed best preserved. Some of the formerly abandoned houses may also have been re-colonized, or at least it seemed like that.
I guess there was still living someone in this house, in the middle of the garbage dumped there by local people. The yard and the corridors were clean, there were clothes lines hanging and someone had been cutting trees inside. And the funny guard cat!


Abandoned cottage in the wood, Tampere, Finland

Visited 14.8.2011 by skkye. The stairs covered with moss were beautiful!


Wooden house with a few apartments and the outhouse, Pori, Finland

Visited 10.8.2011 by skkye (and earlier with jonahi, too). It's the same place than in the previous post, we both had accidently shooted the same building almost the same time. Luckily we had taken various photos so it doesn't matter. I somehow like this place a lot although there isn't so much to see because homeless people have lived there so long.


Wooden house with a few apartments, Pori, Finland

Visited 4.8.2011 by jonahi. This wasn't the first time, both of us have visited here last summer. This house has been empty for a long time; the garden looks more like a jungle. We could visit three out of the four apartments, one was locked. They weren't very interresting, because almost all the furniture and other stuff was gone. But the fireplaces were nice.

I'm planning a roadtrip to Baltia, Poland, Germany and so on, starting next monday. I have already listed too many abandoned destinations! But at least I have to visit the ghost towns of Skrunda & Irbene in Latvia and Klomino in Poland. An abandoned collective farm and a really old hospital are also on my list. I hope so much that we can arrange a car! That'd be sooo awesome.