Moss-roofed water mill, Pirkanmaa, Finland

Visited by skkye 12.5.2014. This old water mill (used to grind whole grains into flours) lies in a magical grove near my place. I've walked along the little path by it multiple times but never before thought I could climb in the mill.
   Even though it was day when we visited it, the mill was so dark inside it was impossible to take photos without flashlight. Little spiders living between the logs were running away from the beam of light. I felt like we were intruders in their home. Former inhabitants, bees, had already moved away and left the their empty home hanging on the wall. My favourite things in the mill were animal drawings (especially birds!) and year scribbles on the wooden door ( the oldest one we found was 1916), peel, inexlicably heavy grindings stones and a wooden cup which could have been from the King Arthur tales.
   Originally the mill was built in the 19th century and it was completely renovated in 1921.


Headmaster's house, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Visited by skkye 5.5.2014. This is actually a half-active site even though I didn't know it at the time we explored there. The building belongs to my school and one evening at the dormitory we had spare time so we ended up to climb into the house via balcony. My school is quite old and this place has been its former headmasters' house. I guess some rooms (like the bedroom and the room with a chest with labels like "Winter War") have been empty since the last headmaster moved away from the school area but some other rooms are now storages for random school stuff.

It was really dark and we had only one flashlight so taking photos and moving around the place was slow (especially after we noticed there was a big hole on the floor of the attic). One of the most interesting things to find were plastic cow's udder and womb. It wasn't so big surprise since our school is an old agricultural school but still they gave me shivers combined with a squeaky floor and the flashlight painting dancing shadows on the wall. Some other finds whispering the past were a closet full of (female) cooks' outfits, brittle newspapers covering the walls of attic and the most beautiful file cabinet with the head of an owl.