Former Palace of Culture named Vasily Gerasimov, Narva, Estonia (Part 1)

Visited by Skkye 3.1.2015.

This former Palace of Culture is named after Vasily Gerasimov, who was hailed as a revolutionary in Tsar times. He played an important role in Kreenholm's strike in 1872, which was one of the first in Imperial Russia. The strike was against the management of the textile factory (nowadays owned by Swedes) in a neighbourhood of Kreenholm in Narva. The hall, built for Kreenholm's workers in 1957, used to house small theatrical collectives and be exploited as a cultural venue. Therefore its architecture is inspired by theatres and its basic function was to serve as a haunt for factory's workers. Sadly, in the early 2000s, it was sold to an investor who wasn't interested in rejuvenating it and thus deserted it to decay over time. The palace of culture is surrounded by a park where is a bust portraying Vasily Gerasimov.

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