Military building, Kęszyca Leśna, Poland

Visited 22.8.2011 by jonahi. Kęszyca Leśna is a former Soviet Union's military base town in Poland, near the Germany border. I had done a little poor background work in a hurry, so I didn't have a clue it was almost totally re-colonized and the old, once abandoned buildings were renovated. I think this particular building has had something to do with tank or army car repairing.
And I'm still pissed off because we couldn't find the other Soviet military town, Skrunda-1 in Latvia. Nobody nearby didn't seem to know anything about the huge ghost town somewhere in their neighbourhood! They were still, after twenty years, too scared even to talk about it. And we had to leave empty handed.


Charming abandoned houses & details, Tallinn, Estonia

I visited Tallinn last weekend and fell in love with the contrast between modern things and decadence in there. I photographed a lot of detached houses and tried many doors also, but unfortunately they were all locked so I weren't able to take any indoor photos. However, I think these houses are beautiful and therefore are worth publishing. I absolutely will go back to Tallinn someday with my fearless UE-buddy Jonahi and promise that then we'll go indoors too! ♥


Burned house, Tampere, Finland

Visited 15.10.2011 by jonahi & skkye. The top floor was quite badly burned, so there was a big mess and just a little to see. The ground floor was another junkies nest. I think those handmarks in soot were way cool! And that poor little stuffed being all alone in the dark room, I felt pity towards it. Writings on the walls were naive in a cute way, "I hate cops", haha aww. But those writings on the fridge saying "fridge" and on the cupboard saying "cupboard" were strange.

(Edited by jonahi; added a couple of pics and text.)


Detached house (cellar floor), Tampere, Finland

Visited 18.11.2011 by jonahi & skkye. The doors were open only to the cellar floor, so all pictures are from there. It's kind of sad to find self-made toys and stuff like that, because there is so much love and caring embed in them and still they were abandoned and forgotten. Old newspapers are one of my favourite items in detached houses, they can tell so much about their time to us living today. The newspaper in the photo is from the 70's. It would be interesting to find out where the children who lived in the house are today.

(Edited by jonahi; added a couple of pics.)