Abandoned erotic bar, Pori, Finland

Visited 10.8.2008 (the first time was earlier, though) by jonahi and skkye. I'm really sorry about those two shitty photos, but they're the only ones I have and the building has already been taken down. EDIT: Three last and better pictures are from here. The first time we visited this sex bar built in an old wooden house, the disco lights were still on. There were pints, glasses and all the bar equipment everywhere, only the staff and the dancers were missing. At the time of these photos, the electricity wasn't working anymore. The bar has earlier been a normal bar and a pizzeria, at least.


  1. mitä noi ihmeen porissa.comit on :D?

  2. lainasin noi kuvat sellasesta blogista! tosta linkistä sinne pääsee. kai sinne pääsee kahdesta eri osoitteesta, tai en kyl muuten tiiä miks noissa kuvissa lukis eri osote ku tossa linkissä :D t. jonahi

  3. aa okei, mietin et mitä ihmettä onks sulla joku tonki niminen blogi :------D