Abandoned house vol. 1, Tampere, Finland

Visited 15.10.2011 by jonahi & skkye. The first floor of this house was full of tags and drawings inspirated by psychedelic narcotics. We thought that maybe nowadays it's a place where some people travel in their own minds with a little help of mushrooms or something. On the table there was a candle still alight. Maybe these psycho travellers have also painted the walls, for example the kitchen walls were in the reggae colours.

The second floor was a totally different world, see the next post!


  1. Täälläkin on tullut käytyä ennen kuin pääsi näin pahaan kuntoon. Tosin nykyisinhän koko talo on jo maan tasalla. Harmi, koska vintillä oli kaikkea kivaa vanhaa tavaraa :/

  2. Jep, yläkerta oli kyllä tosi mielenkiintoinen toisin kuin tää narkkareiden valtaama alakerta. Taidettiin sitten viime tipassa ehtiä käydä vierailulla.

  3. Hey! I would love to check this place out. Where abouts is it?

    1. Hi, the other anonymous said that the house is already demolished, so no can do. :/