A farm by the cliff, Sesimbra, Portugal

Visited 5.1.2014 by jonahi. This was the first ue target visited this year, but it surely won't be the last! I am back in Finland and looking forward to all of the exploring we are going to do with Skkye. We still don't know what that exactly is but something mindblowing for sure.

I bumped into this weird little farm by the Atlantic ocean when I was walking by it to reach the rock climbing spot I was heading to. There were a couple of concrete houses with red tiled roofs that had nothing left inside but the graffitis. Not even doors or windows. Especially I liked that graffiti with a praying boy. Right under one of the houses there was a very steel cliff that ended to the rocks far down by the sea. I wondered why someone had even thought about building their house in that kind of place. Maybe it was because of the stunning sea view. There was also a barbed wire fence surrounding the lot. Luckily it had some holes.

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