Red country shack (part 2), Tampere, Finland

At first when I shaw this shack, my attitude was like "well, let's go in and take a few photos in five minutes and move forward". Luckily I was wrong and the place offered a lot of interesting things to explore and photograph.

As Jonahi said before, we couldn't find out what the purpose of this place had really been. Anyway, it is certain that the owner had a warm relationship to the b/w photographs, polaroid cameras and also to the great men like Kekkonen, Einstein and J.V. Snellman. For me the piles of framed pictures of these late presidents, inventors and authors were the soul of the place with those b/w photos of the cardboard box (?) factory which I think the owner had taken him(/her)self. I tried to find some information about this factory later (maybe it's an urban exploration sight, too!) but with no success.

The last photo is not from the same place. After exploring the shack, we walked further down the road and saw this beautiful collapsed barn (?) in one backyard. There was also the sign "beware of the angry dog" but the house was so mesmerizing for me that I had to take a risk. Luckily the angry dog was sleeping or away so I made it without bites.


  1. Toi yks kuva on aika jäätävä, ihan kuin siellä olis tapahtunut murha (tai itsari).

    1. Mikäköhän kuva oli kyseessä? :D

    2. Aivan, kun kosteusvaurion kuvitteleekin verivaurioksi!

    3. nojoo, hyi, nyt kun kattoo tosta vinkkelistä niin aika hurja :D