A house which was hiding something, Rapla, Estonia

Visited 4.4.2014 by Skkye. Last month I spent two weeks cycling around Estonia. The morning I found this place was after sleeping in the tent in a forest where all the trees were rotten and half-fallen. All the night I listened trees creaking and squeking in the wind and was afraid of them to break off and crush my tent. So I was dead tired and freezing in the morning frost when I saw this house the first time. Even though it was more than inviting with its beautiful wallpapers and endless documents to research I had to leave it and bike to the city nearby to warm up and sleep properly. Anyhow, this place was haunting me all the day, so next morning I woke up early and cycled back to visit it.
    The house was quite small, only two rooms and the toilet. When inside, my first impression was that someone had been searching something - all the drawers, closets and boxes were opened and thrown around and the floor was covered in papers. Most of the documents were in Russian language and cyrillic alphabets even though I learned the place was abandoned after year 1993. Estonia wasn't under the Soviet regime anymore. I guess the resident of this place knew both of the languages, since his last name was Estonian. The impression about someone searching something even deepened when I noticed that somebody had pulled the wallpaper of from many parts of the wall. There was also some documents in the fireplace but I didn't understand what they were about and wasn't wise enough to take photo of them.
   When wandering around the house I felt the atmosphere of an eventful past but couldn't find anything to solve what had happened. Well, maybe in some cases it's more exciting to have own fictions and stories than know the truth. The unleashed imagination is one of the greatest things in urban exploration and places like this are definitely the best fuel to it.