Farm in the middle of the forest (Part 1), Pirkanmaa, Finland

Visited by skkye 12.5.2014. This place was a gift from our reader who gave us a hint to go there at the perfect time - when I read it we were supposed to drive by the farm on the same day. I felt really lucky to have this blog which makes it possible to find so easily new beauties like this. The farm went immediately to my abandoned places TOP 5-list. So thank you very much, anonymous!
   When I think about this place where we visited almost four months ago, most vividly I remember birds, especially pigeons, who were crying all around the yard. Since this farm is situated in the middle of the forest, it was the only silent island between the sounds of nature. It made the atmosphere feel calm and safe, somehow very beautiful.
   First we went inside to some of the houses across the yard. It was full of cardboard boxes where was old letters, drawings, magazines and medicines. My favourite thing to find was a book of handwritten letters of reference. Old finnish language and the way to say things so preciously touched me. After that, we visited some attics where the floors were creaking under our feet. Old willow and shingle baskets and the row of never-used birch whisks for sauna told a story about people who had a talent to make beautiful things with hands. When watching them, I wished I was as capable as people in the old times.


  1. Hei!

    Oisko mahdollista saada lisätietoja paikan sijainnista? Vaikuttaa täydelliseltä yhteen lyhytelokuvaprojektiin!

    1. Moikka!

      Oon pahoillani, mutta me ei anneta tietoja näistä sijainneista sen enempää kuin mitä otsikoissa on kerrottu. Ei siis mitään henkilökohtaista. Uskon, että te kohtelisitte varmasti paikkaa hyvin, mutta tällanen linjaus meillä nyt kuitenkin on näiden paikkojen (ja niiden mahdollisten omistajien) suojelemiseksi. Toivottavasti löydätte kuitenkin täydellisen kuvauskohteen lyhärillenne, ymmärrän että ois mahtava tehä (ja nähä!) elokuvaa tän kaltaisessa paikassa. :)