Beer brewery (Part 2), Satakunta, Finland

It was exciting to wander in the darkness of the silent beer factory. Every now and then I really got scared of noises made by us and adrenaline rushed through my head. In an office room we found heaps of maps full of interesting papers, and ended up spending there quite a while. The factory had a "foreman's club" who seemingly was doing a lot of trips to several places and ordering fish from a local producer. They also had lectures on beer brewing and an art club. Some of the papers were pretty hilarious, such as "Riitta - that secretary" wishing "bird's singing until then" in the end of her email. From another place we found papers concerning co-determination negotiations and a strike. Maybe the foreman's club had spent all the company's money, and they had to kick some people out. Haha. Not funny really.

A sign on a staircase leading downwards was telling that down there was hell (alinen like the shamans are calling the lowest of the three worlds) and on top of it was heaven (ylinen). In this case the hell wasn't burning, but there was water flooding the floors. At that time some of it was frozen, and it was thrilling to walk on top of it.

Next we found factory parts full of light, but that's another story!

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