Beer brewery (Part 4), Satakunta, Finland

Sorry for the longest and laziest non-blogging period in the whole history of this blog, it's totally my fault. I have so many charming places to post here that it has felt like a sin to hide them in my laptop files! Anyway, first things first - this is my last post of the beer brewery.
   We visited the factory six months ago and some details have already lost in unreachable corners of my memory. However, when I see these photos I still remember how everything in the brewery (including me) was numb from the cold and how we watched big snowflakes float down to the ground outside the factory. It felt very sad and very placid at the same time to see the old building rest in the lap of its last winter. Couple of months later, this beautiful historical place and the shelter of many birds gave way to something new. I'm glad we had a chance to say goodbye to it.
   This factory is the first factory I remember from my childhood and for years I lived beside it, breathing air which was seasoned with its familiar malty smell. Like all the places in the earth, also my hometown grows and evolves to something different than it was. Even though I know there is no life without change, I feel a bit sad to see the neighborhood I used to know so well vanish over time. Little by little familiar places turn to something else and there's no more possibility to go back to where I left,
   Oh well, this text wasn't supposed to become this melancholic and personal. It might have something to do with the fact I was listening to very beautiful and sad piano music when writing this. Anyway, I hope you're able to reach some of the beauty and the soul of this old building through our photos and writings. 

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