Car repair garage, Turku, Finland

Visited 22.1.2012 by jonahi. This place looks so ramshackle in the middle of a beautiful wooden house area, and I've been wondering what it exactly is every time I've passed it by. A car repair garage (as it proved to be) or maybe some criminal base? However, yesterday I noticed a recycle pallet in front of the building, which also had open doors - it looks as it's gonna be dismantled so I got hurry to visit. There were some ordinary car repair stuff like waste oil and a motor inside, but also many random storehouse things from the very old postcards to sunglasses and elegant perfumes. And not a single graffiti, the garage was in a quite original condition.


  1. vähä ihania noi postikortit ja muu epätavanomainen autokorjaamotavara mitä tuol oli :)

  2. jep, pihistin itelleni ton maisemakortin koska se oli selkeesti menossa tonne roskalavalle :-D