Wall panel / concrete product factory (part 1), Turku, Finland

Visited 27.9.2011 by jonahi. I have almost totally forgotten that I've ever visited this kind of a place! But better late than never, or how people tend to say. Seinälevy Oy is one of the most well-known abandoned places left in Turku, and it was quite empty, but not so badly torn apart as I expected. One side of this factory building has been somehow renovated yet full of gorgeous graffitis, but it didn't seem like anyone had done anything there for a while. There were new windows and clean floors, but why the walls were so bright coloured in a place like that? All the same, the door was open so we just went in. The autumn light was beautiful upstairs and I think the photos succeeded well. You'll see more of them soon!


  1. vähä hieno toi eka, kesti hetken ennenku tajusin miten se on otettu :D

  2. kiitos! jep, kokeilin vaa kääntää perus-lätäkkökuvan väärinpäin nii tuliki tosi coool 8)