Radium rubber factory, Maastricht, Netherlands (part four)

The last post from the radium rubber factory. After exploring the forbidden area I started to wander around the yard and the other buildings there. There were so many houses there that it would had taken at least a week to study them thoroughly. I went into one, took couple of pictures and then noticed a metre times metre sized pile of something in the corner. I wondered what it might be and went to look it more closely. Well, it was a pile of drug needles. There was like hundreds of them. That was when I really freaked out and started to imagine that there was somebody in every corner in the building watching me. I had been quite nervous all the time there and that was the last straw. I just wanted to go away.

The only problem was that I had come in throughout the three floors of factory and I didn't want to do it anymore, not in that state of mind. I tried to calm down and find the way out from outside. The yard was a little jungle and moving was very slow there. First I went to the wrong direction but then I discovered the right way out. There was just one trouble - somebody had mounted a tent in my way and slept inside it. The road was so narrow that in order to go out had to walk so near the tent that couldn't avoid to touch it. In addition, there was dried twigs on the patch and I had to walk over them. It wasn't very silent thing to do, of course the man in the tent woke up. He began to cough threateningly and that was when I started to run so fast I could and stopped not until I was far away from the factory. Ominous coughing followed me all the way until I got outside the hearing distance. Hrr. Next time I would like to have some friend with me!


  1. Kamala paikka D: oikee laitapuolenkulkijoiden majoituskeskus!

  2. Juu niinpä, tuol Hollannis tuntu olevan yleistä toi et jokases autioitunees paikas majaili joku. Nähtiin tosi nättejä vallattuja alueita ja jonkun hippiasumus tehtaassa ja olin ihan kateellinen niille<3 Mut tää tehdas mis kävin oli sit siitä kurjemmasta päästä :<