Fish product freezing facility (part 3), Pori, Finland

And more photos from the fish freezer! I found that huge and light attic space somehow very pleasant. But I don't get what was the point in kicking those receipt rolls all over the place. That apartment on the second floor left us thinking why it was there and who has been living in it. There were children's toys and other belongings, so it couldn't only have been a resting room for the workers. The Santa Claus' head with the bathing sponge outside the sauna was maybe the most humoristic thing in the place. Funny combination.


  1. siis onko tuo jotai asuntojaki:DD en oo ikin uskaltanu men ton syväl sisäl .__.

  2. Joo yks tommonen random asunto näkyi olevan :D ei toi ollu niin pelottava paikka paitsi ne jotku myrkkykaasut! (helppo sanoo ku ei ollu yksin liikenteessä)