Weawing mill's storage (Part 1), Nivala, Finland

Visited by jonahi & skkye 7.12.2012. After long driving and travelling, arriving to our destination felt kind of strange. This old mining village was so empty, stagnant and quiet when I was used to gas stations' neon signs and variable views from the car window. In the village every other house was abandoned and every other had still life in it. The air was so clean that breathing felt the most enjoyable thing to do. A moment I felt that very strong need to move out of the city to some place where I can really breath, but same time I knew that I also need this pulse and rhythm of city living. In that empty mining village the time didn't really feel necessary, everything was so still and calm.

Weaving mill's storage was our first building to visit. My very favourite thing in the place was this head shaped from clay. Somehow it represented the most complete loneliness, it was totally forgotten and without use among all these other thousands of forgotten and meaningless things that someday just decay with the house. Someone had sacrificed time shaping it, someone with vision and maybe a huge feeling of pride with the result, and still it was there for us to find. It made me think all the forgotten things in the world that once had been somebody's dreams and visions. But maybe in creation the journey is more important than the destination: the head shaped from clay had already fulfilled its purpose when it had offered a great feeling of creation's joy to its designer.


  1. Very interesting blog you have here! Abandoned and empty buildings/places are so fascinating.

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    1. Thank you! Empty places are sometimes also cool, but I prefer those places that have many original things on their place.