Ancient batcave prison, Sauvo, Finland

Visited 7.3.2013 by jonahi. If the last prison was old, it wasn't anything compared to this one. I found this place during my workday when we were visiting the nearby lean-to with a reed thatched roof, and the villagers told me that there was this old prison nearby. I've got to say that I have a fantastic job, not all of us have opportunities to explore abandoned places during work time! I think those people were more excited about the cute little bat hibernating on the back wall, though. The prison itself looks just like a cellar, and if I didn't know it has been a prison, I would have guessed that it was just an ordinary storage. Nevertheless, I wouldn't want to end up locked in there. It was a dark, distressing and claustrophobic place without any kind of a window. The only light came in from the slits of the door frames. I wonder what have been the reasons why people were put in there in the days long gone. The village wasn't big and it was far away from anything, so it hasn't been a very populous place and not many murderers or other bad people could have lived there. But at least the prisoners may have had a bat friend with them.