Prison fortress (Part 2), Tallinn, Estonia

I'm also sorry for the silence in here, studies and travelling and everything have taken all my time but now it begins to be better time to do all this other stuff. And I'm happy about it! I've missed a lot adventures and photographing in abandoned places. From now on I'm going to find and explore unseen targets with brand new energy!

This prison was situated by the sea and for me it gave somehow beautiful and sad feeling at the same time. I was thinking about the prisoners watching from the window to the sea and dreaming about seeing places and explore new countries. It was so big contrast with the grey and dismal prison with no hope and the sea which reminds me of all those possibilities which the world has to offer for us.

Walking in the yard felt quite risky because there were fresh footprints everywhere - someone else had walked there some minutes before. It was snowing so fast it was easy to notice that it couldn't have happened much more earlier. So I felt this big need to be silent and invisible and it made the experience more  effective. That wet snow was also killing my camera slowly and it can be seen from the photos. In some of them there is that misty effect of my soaking wet camera - I am so thankful that it recovered afterwards.

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