Pumping station, Lukovo Šugarje, Croatia

Visited 24.4.2013 by skkye & jonahi. On the same walk through the village and surrounding hills we also visited this pump station in a clear-watered (I always have to mention about the water color, because it was so different from the water back home and I hope that I will always be amazed by it!) bay surrounded by rocks. That could have been an amazing place for a resort hotel or something. But the Yugoslavs had decided to put up an army base there. Isn't that ridiculous! However, nowadays it looks actually quite beautiful with all that rust. The whole place was surrounded by barbed wire fences, but only the concrete posts remained of it. Probably the metal had monetary value and somebody had stolen it. But I have no idea what this pumping station was used for. I was quite fascinated about the valves, though, and that one door that looks like an owl.

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