Warehouse with a hearse, Lukovo Šugarje, Croatia

Visited 24.4.2013 by skkye & jonahi. This two-storey (nowadays one-storey) building was our last finding on the village tour. It was near an old church which was still in use, so it's possible that this warehouse (or something like that) has something to do with the church. There were old tools, furniture, sacks, bottles, window frames etc. but the creepiest thing was that broken hearse! A carriage with which corpses had been taken to their graves. It is probably just dumped here after the building was abandoned for it looked a lot newer than other things inside. Could be that someone has even lived in this place. At least there was a laundry line outside. The building must be very old, or at least the stones and the shape of the place look very medieval.

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