A house that used to be yellow (Part 1), Pirkanmaa, Finland

Visited 29.3.2014 by skkye & jonahi. We were walking some secluded dirt roads in hope of finding an abandoned house or two. And there it stood by the small road, spreading its outhouses on the other side of the street. Its corners were anything but straight and the felt roof was growing moss on itself. The winds, rains and snows had washed all the paint off, but there was still a hint left, just enough to guess that the color has one day been yellow.

We were playing detectives and came to a conclusion that in the house had been living a family with two daughters and a son. The children probably grew up and moved away and the old lady kept living in her house until the end. Maybe she was the one that had been listening to list hits from a cassette. I laughed when I noticed the name of one of the songs: Tahdon (hot stuff) = I want (hot stuff).

I liked this little apartment a lot, even though the floor was full of clothes and other stuff that made it sometimes a bit difficult to move around inside. I loved the chaos of different color and prints and how the afternoon light shined on objects. Especially I was fascinated by the toy planes hanging from the ceiling.

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