A house that used to be yellow (Part 2), Pirkanmaa, Finland

This house really was full of details, for it had so much stuff. Especially the kitchen. It seemed like in the house had lived somebody who really wanted to know what time it is, because we found countless different clocks on the tables, floors and jars. They had also eaten a lot of medicines and apparently saved all the packages. Somebody had forgotten their socks drying on top of the wood stove and in the other room a poor stuffed woodpecker was buried under fireplace tiles and other rubbish. We also found a stuffed squirrel who wasn't in much better condition.


  1. Todella hienoja kuvia.. wow :) Miten löydät näin paljon hylättyjä taloja?

    1. Suurkiitos! Useimmiten puolisattumalta, syrjäisten teiden koluaminen maaseudulla on aika hyväksi havaittu taktiikka :)