Rusting trains, Haapsalu, Estonia

Visited by skkye 9.4.2014. This is not actually an urban exploration site since these trains belong to Haapsalu railway station museum. However, there was a feeling of urban exploration - the trains were slowly rusting with lack of protection from weather. Passer-bys had painted graffitis on them and wooden parts were almost as brittle as paper. My favourite train was the turquoise one with old maps covering its windows.

The first passenger train arrived in Haapsalu 1905 and the last left in 1995. Train station (1907) was originally built to Romanov family who wanted to visit the city famous of its spas and mud. The idea of 216m long wooden platform was that tsar doesn't get wet if it's raining in Haapsalu. Kind of tragically, the imperial train never pulled in Haapsalu. Now the railway is covered with grass and there is jogging path going over it. Youth were smoking and drinking beer on imperial platform and one business man was nervously trotting it back and forth with a cellphone.

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