Abandoned mining island (Part 2), Tammisaari, Finland

Exploring this island differed so much from all my previous UE adventures since we were making an urban exploration documentary at the same time. People filming us when we took photos felt quite weird and funny. Sometimes it was annoying, too. Especially when we found a new building and couldn't go inside because they needed to take some outside shots first. What a nightmare for an urban explorer to see some perfect abandoned place and not to be able to go in, haha! I remember that feeling when I look the first photo of this post.
   Luckily we got permit to go inside, too. This house was one of my favourites with its doors and floors crying their colorful paint on the floor. There was so much to see and take photos of that I felt like a little child in a candy shop trying to convince my parents it's really necessary to get all these flavours. "Can I take this, this and this photo before we need to go?" We had only one day to shoot on this island so we had to move on quite fast.
   Sometimes it was a little bit challenging to take photos since there was so many people in one little house. Photos in this post are almost the only ones where doesn't exist any ghost-like figure passing by, legs or arms or a video camera. But filming was so much fun, too! It made me felt really proud of our hobby and abandoned places all over the world. There are so many stories and memories hidden in these places and it's great that now people are interested to share those stories for everyone. Our world is changing so fast today that it's very easy to forget how it was in a past. I think it's still good to know our roots.

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