Abandoned mining island (Part 3), Tammisaari, Finland

From the attic we found an abandoned nest with 15 different colored, cold eggs. The huge brood will never have a chance to try their own wings. Maybe they were pigeon eggs and their mom was eaten by a hawk who had left his feather on the windowsill. We'll never know. Now the lord of the attic was a spider whose beautiful web covered one of the windows.
  After exploring the attic we climbed up to the lighthouse which is still in use. The view from the lighthouse is enchanting - the old bunkers and watching towers peeking through the gaps in the forest. Reflections from the lighthouse windows made light blue patterns to the scenery.
   Inside the pitch dark bunker spiders escaped the beam of my flashlight. Moths touched each other with their antennaes and the roof was covered by mold dripstones. There was a sturdy iron door strictly closed protecting something from people wandering around. Something about explosives was written on a paper on the door.
  While the dokument makers filmed some material without us we made use of the spare time by picking up some delicious boletes. Amongst mushrooms were lying empty bullet shells and a jar full of mold. Maybe there was someones old boletes. After mushroom hunting we continued our walk and found a half-collapsed house - only a green door and two walls stood stubbornly upright. The weather-beaten fence was watching us with its wooden eyes.

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