Children's hospital (part 1), Berlin, Germany

Visited 23.4.2012 by jonahi. For sure, Berlin is a mecca for urban exploration, but I had too little free time to spend there. I could only look all those abandoned buildings from the tram or metro window, but for sure I will some day go there only to visit them. But at least I managed to give a quick visit to this abandoned infants and children's hospital which was near my accommodation. The inside pictures are only from the  main building.

The hospital opened its doors in 1909 and was abandoned in 1997. In the early 1900's, it was said to be the best hospital of it's kind. On the yard there were a few other buildings and possibly a park as well, and I heard that the dead children's bodies were buried in one of them. The hospital also had it's own cow farm and dairy machinery to produce high quality milk for the babies.

The main building was huge, and to my eye it looked like a haunted castle from outside. Too bad that the weather was so sunny, otherwise the place would've looked way more spooky in the photos. Nevertheless, it was architecturally quite impressive with round shapes, nice windows and stairways where I could easily imagine the nurses walking. And those walls full of windows that were like a glass labyrinth or something. I'm still wondering if it was some kind of monitoring department.

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