A few abandoned houses, Berlin, Germany

 These never finished blocks of flats (probably from DDR) I noticed from the car window and have to take a few crappy photos. There were so many of them, standing side by side in melancholy.

 Also taken from car window. I think this was a school. So wanted to go in there!
 I was waiting a bus at the bus stop, and saw this behind a fence.

Funny contrast. How is this even possible?


  1. Hallo!

    Die Blocks waren zu DDR zeit Bewonhnt von den DDR Gastarbeitern (Vietnamesen), nach dem Fall der Mauer hat sich keiner mehr so recht interessiert, nach ein paar jahren fingen an die Leute die Fenster sowie anderes Material aus den Gebäuden für Private zwecke zu entfernen.

    1. I don't understand German, so Google translator and my own head gave me this translation:
      In DDR times the blocks were apartments of the DDR guest workers (Vietnamese), and after the fall of the Wall, anybody was no longer so interested in them, and after a few years people began to remove the windows as well as other material from the buildings for private purposes.

      Thank you for your informative comment! It's very interesting to know the history of those melancholic houses. Guest workers, wow...