Little cottage in the wood (part 2), Ruovesi, Finland

More pictures from the cottage. Sorry for the crappy quality, I was a little nervous about getting caught and didn't focus enough on taking photos. I think these horseshoes over the front door were quite cute! And those posters with old cars and butterflies and so on, too. It's always fascinating to see what things old residents of an abandoned house have liked so much that they have wanted to decorate their walls with them. I think it tells pretty much about a person. At least it is easier to come up with stories about them when you have seen some of their stuff. Every time I'm in a new abandoned house I imagine what kind of a person has been living there and how he or she has been spending time.


  1. Ompas suloinen mokki, ihanan varikas! Siita vaan valtaamaan kesamokki :-D

    1. Niimpä! Joo melkein tekis mieli mut siin ois kyl ihan hirvee puunaaminen :D Ja kiva selittely sit jos omistaja sattuiski paikalle. Vaik hienointa tos oli varmaan just se et musta tuntuu et olin eka ihminen ketä siel kvi seitkytluvun jälkeen :o Yleensä aina joku muu on ehtiny ensin. Kai se sit johtu just tosta syrjäsestä sijainnista (kansallispuistossa)!