Nursing home (part one), Tampere, Finland

Visited by skkye 19.2.2012. I had totally forgotten these pictures from february! Luckily I have written something down about this place then, so now I just have to translate it.

"Every sunday should be dedicated to adventures. This sunday we found an exciting place which is going to be demolished. I had spotted this place earlier but I didn't know that it's still in such a good condition and it's easy to walk in. We were intended just to take photos of ruins.
   I fell in love with this place immediately when we were in its yard. An unattached wall which was remained standing alone after everything else around it was demolished was spectral. Half-loose structures screeched, creaked and howled because of the wind. It was quite creepy. Whole time I was afraid of getting unwanted company since doors banged open and closed, again and again. It's unbelievable how much voices there can be in an abandoned place when it's windy."

To be continued!


  1. Hui, tuntuipa jännittävältä katsella näitä kuvia, kun itse on muutamia vuosia sitten opiskelijana tallustellut noita nyt niin autioita käytäviä, silloin ne oli täynnä elämää..

    1. voin kuvitella että on varmaan jännä fiilis nähä näitä ku on nähnyt paikan silloin kun se oli toiminnassa :) tuolloin kun me käytiin tunnelma oli kyllä tosi aavemainen!