Block of flats, Turku, Finland

Visited 2.3.2012 by skkye & jonahi. Wanted to post something, and I remembered that in early March we were trying to get in a couple of places here in Turku. The light of days was very blue then. This apartment block house is one of those places we didn't succeed to get in. All the doors and windows were tightly closed. One of the sympathetic written texts also says "It's cold outside and the doors are LOCKED?".
The house has been empty and in "renovation" for a few years and I'm not sure if the renovation will ever take place. I think that this is again one of the so called "Turku disease" houses, that are in good parts of the city. These buildings are left to rotten so that they can be demolished. Then the city can sell the lots for companies that build fine and expensive houses for rich people.


  1. Where around Turku is this place? Funny, I've never come across.

    1. Sorry, but we are not able to tell the locations here.