County prison, Turku, Finland

Visited 2.3.2012 by skkye & jonahi. The notorious county prison of Turku has served as a summertime tour museum since 2007, the year in which the prison action had been discontinued. It is constructed mainly in the latter half of 19th century, and has a bad reputation among old Finnish prisons, because the prisoners were the most bad criminals - recidivists that had done their crimes over and over again. The most dangerous criminals of Finland have all sat here. Some prisoners were forced to complete isolation and compulsory treatment. Loud speaking was prohibited everywhere. In the prison there were 350 prisoner places, but usually the number of prisoners went over 400 and the cells became more and more cramped. The prison was also used as military barracks for a couple of years. Granite of the grey main building is mined from the same area.

The atmosphere was very dreary around the prison. The distress of the prisoners and their bad acts remained in the air of the place, and I could sense that. One door was open, and we could see a small reception hall from the inside. There were high fences, security cameras and barbed wire everywhere and I also had a feeling of big brother watching us. More welcoming were other beautiful old buildings and the apartments of prison staff.

/ Edit: Added two photos more. - skkye

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