Office block (part 2), Madrid, Spain

I loved the well painted graffitis there, and the views from the rooftop over Madrid were amazing. Definitely the best of my so-called urbex career! The second place goes to the match factory's rooftop in Tampere. One thing that I'm curious about was those antennas on the roof. Why would somebody put antennas on the house that isn't even completed? Interesting. But I have to admit that I didn't even go to the highest point of the roof. There were scary ladders and I could see the ground from them, eww...

And the second thing is, where have our readers and their comments disappeared? You seem to like Finnish places better than these from abroad, or am I wrong?


  1. I'm not really that interested in unfinished buildings. Of course they tell a lot about the world we now live in. I was in Madrid couple of weeks ago and saw many new unfinished buildings that seemed already abandoned. It was kind of confusing.

    I love old hospitals, bars etc. that have some original materials that remind of the original usage of the property. You can imagine people living and spending their lives there.

    1. Of course I like them more, too, but I still think that these unfinished ones are also interesting. It's nice to think what was meant to be here, how everyday life would have been here, and why this building was abandoned at this point of construction. So it's also about your imagination ;-) But it's very sad though, that so many places never do get a real history that would've actually happened in reality and not only in people's minds and future hopes.

  2. Tosi hieno blogi! taidan kyllä jäädä seuraileen :--)