Abandoned mining island (Part 5), Tammisaari, Finland

The two out-dated cars found on the island were kind of hilarious because of their register numbers: A1 and A2. They were the only cars this island has ever seen. The underground shelter-warehouse had exiting dark tunnel leading to it, but the warehouse itself was classified as non-mass-explosive. How boring. At least we could find bullets in the forests! The red, half-collapsed wooden buildings were one of my favorites. They were very beautiful in a still-life way with plants wrapped on the weather-washed wood. Another very fascinating thing was the block of flats with the walls full of holes and balconies filled with barbed wire. Anyway, there were still some details left from the times when this was a second home for the miners, like coat hangers and electricity switchboards. I don't know if the place was cleaned from asbestos or maybe it wasn't even used here in the first place, but the warning sign was taped, like you can see. These signs are funny, because it feels so rebellious to ignore them.

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