Abandoned house & outbuildings, Kaarina, Finland

Visited 6.11.2011 by jonahi & skkye. We found this house by accident when we were searching for some old factory (which unfortunately found out to be demolished). This apartment was quite big although we believe that it has been a semi-detached house. I liked the orange and red ceramic tiles in the shower! There is almost always colourful walls in the old houses we explore, wonder why nowadays walls are usually so boring... Anyway, the house was badly rotten, for example the stairs to the cellar were all loose so we weren't able to go there. In addition, some teenage drunks have found the place, there were loads of corks of the bottles everywhere. And tags, of course. I can imagine that the terrace have been very beautiful earlier, a perfect place to drink morning coffee and watch the sun rise.


  1. tosta ulkovessasta ja luistimesta tuli ekaks mielee et joku on murhattu sie :DDD

  2. haha, ehkä vähän joo:D yksinäinen miestenluistin + ulkohuussi herättää kyl yhdistelmänä kysymyksiä.

  3. Noi kaljapullon korkit taitanee kuulua alkuperäisille asukkaille. Tuo Koffin korkki on vanhaa mallia. Nykyinen ollut käytössä toistakymmentä vuotta jo.

    1. Aijaa, no hyvä niin! Me ei olla ihan niin kauaa kaljaa juotukaan, että oltaisiin tiedetty :-D