Lignin factory part one, Tampere, Finland

Visited 18.10.2011 by jonahi & skkye. Photos from the autumn holiday week, when we had an exploration with a treasure map and cinnamon buns. I'm pretty sure that this building has been a lignin factory and that it was discontinued in 2008. I can't stop wondering why people don't turn out the lights when they close something so big that a factory. A little environmentalist in me is terrified about what a waste of electricity it is! Although it's better for us urban explorers and for our cameras, too (I hate taking pictures with a flash, but it's often enforced in abandoned places).

We experienced moments of horror when we were about to go to the second floor and heard something like rumble and steps. Both of us freezed the way we were and didn't have the courage to go watch what it was. I imagined it as a truly angry and mean guard. After a couple of very long minutes we realized that it was only a wind and we could finally move forward.

There was many dead butterflies on the floor. Kind of sad, so beautiful and colourful beings don't belong to the cheerless old factory (maybe that's why they were all dead). The air inside was quite heavy and moist, I could almost feel the mould around. The lights on, workgloves and -boots everywhere, telephones and radios and everything else created a feeling that the employees had just gone to their homes to get some sleep and would come back tomorrow. Confusing.

See the next post for the upper floors!

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