Youth center, Parainen, Finland

Visited 5.11.2011 by jonahi & skkye. The most unlikely door (the one that is placed on the most visible way in the front of the youth center) was open and it led to a space that has been a movie projector room. The two projectors were in a really good shape and with the old film reels they aroused quite nostalgic feelings. When I was a child my best friends step dad worked in a movie theatre and we were able to explore in the movie projector rooms there, so it was almost like the déjà vu -feeling. The old "smoking is not allowed" -plaques were cool, too. There was a hole in the wall so we could see the movie auditorium room but unfortunately there was no doors into there and the outside doors were either locked or too high (as you can see from the photos). All the same, this target was nice change to the abandoned apartments and factories, so I liked it a lot.
The youth center of Parainen has earlier also been a recycling center and some kind of a common club house.

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